Tumult in Tide

Voyage of the Benign Ape

Seeking the Treasure of Lost Fleet

Party escaped the Five Deaths and reached Port Royal. However, Knights of Malta had already arrived there, too, and they demand the party is surrendered. Gov. Heywood declined the Knights’ request and took the party under his Royal wings – a mixed blessing. The party’s new ally, recently liberated, deciphered the map and located the Treasure of the Lost Fleet in the Indian Ocean. Resupplied and with a refreshed crew, party set sail to the East Indies.

Upon reaching Cape Verde, the Benign Ape sailed into a dense fog and was attacked by an infernal mixture of debris and ooze. After defeating the battle, the crew sighted the silhouette of a ship sailing into the fog. Moments later, the fog lifted, revealing not the silhouette of the mysterious ship but two caravels flying Ottoman standard and fast approaching with rams readied.

Naval encounter seems inevitable…

Coming up:
Here There Be Monsters. Party sets sails to rescue an old friend and finish his abandoned cause.

The Hidden Island. Party finds an Island that was hidden away in the cryptic writings of their employer’s parents and they find out why.



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