Tumult in Tide

Tumult in Tide

Campaign Synopsis

Mr. Backdeer, Mr. Stevens and Sr. Fuego woke up in a cave on Grey Pick Island, not knowing how they ended up there. All they found was a navy officer who committed suicide leaving a letter describing a madness taking over the villagers. They found passage to Pt. Royal via the HMS Interdictor. They learned they had joined the crew of de Vries about a year ago. Party then was contacted by Lady Olivia Willard, who offered them employment. Lady Willard inherited her family estates after losing her parents to a shipping accident. She needs funds kept in family vault under the massive fort in Pt. Royal.

Joined by Mariusz and Mons. Rochard, party recovered the illegally docked Blue Nixie, a sloop that belonged to the Willard Family and where the key to Willard Estate Vault is hidden. However, they found the vault had been almost depleted by Lady Olivia’s missing brother Vincent Willard. In the Vault, they managed to find some money, and diary of Late Lady Willard, albeit in a different language that none in the party can read. Meanwhile, first 3 members of the party were served with arrest warrants for piracy by association to now pirate Captain de Vries. Lady Willard took party under her protection and employed the party.

Searching for Vincent Willard, party was joined by a West African witchdoctor Inyanga Koutou. Party survived a trap set by Vincent Willard. Party learned that Vincent had taken up with local thieves guild.

Party sneaked into the thieves guild and confronted its guildmaster, Sybil, a girl from noble Laveryche family. Sybil escaped. Party learned that Vincent had established contact with pirates base near Nassau, in a place called Kraken Cove.

Party was granted amnesty following their achivement with local thieves guild. They were invited to a reception honoring Gov. Patrick Heywood and marking the start of Shrovetide Festivities that coincide with Mardi Gras and Pancake Day elsewhere. Mr. Backdeer experienced a sudden illness that left him a strange skin coloring on his right hand. Following the reception, party accepted Lt. Holmes and set sail for Kraken Cove where trouble is afoot.

Coming Up…

The Gambit. An unexpected turn of events at Kraken Cove compels the party to return to Port Royal, post haste. A pleasant find aids them in their need of speed.

The Doctor’s in. Party sets sail to meet a witchdoctor who can aid one of their own.

Here There Be Monsters. Following undecipherable entries in a logbook and cryptic maps, Party takes on the ocean and faces her mysteries.

The Hidden Island. Party finds an Island that seems hidden away and they find out why.



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