Tumult in Tide

The Gambit

Previously in Tumult in Tide

Morning after Shrovetide Ball (a.k.a. Pancake Day or Mardi Gras elsewhere), party set sail for Kraken Cove to catch their nemesis, but find him gone with a terrible curse left behind. Amidst the skirmish, party meets Anne Bonny who urges them return to Port Royal and avoid a slaughter. A pleasant find is the caravel anchored nearby, with no valid claim laid on it.

Coming Up…

The Gambit. Party needs to race against a band of cutthroats while they find their way through a carnival procession, to save their employer.

The Doctor’s in. Party sets sail to meet a witchdoctor who can aid one of their own.

Here There Be Monsters. Following undecipherable entries in a logbook and cryptic maps, Party takes on the ocean and faces her mysteries.

The Hidden Island. Party finds an Island that seems hidden away and they find out why.



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