Tumult in Tide

The Five Deaths

Rescuing Imprisoned

The party raced back to Port Royal in order to stop the attack on Willard Manor during Shrovetide. They did away with an assassins hired by the Laveryche family. Then, they defeate the attackers at WIllard Manor. Next, the party visited Euphemia Talia, the witchdoctor, in search for a cure for one of them. They found Euphemia near the Glittering City of New Orleans. Euphemia Talia did her best to cure their friend, but short of a total cure, she managed to change the course of the illness and directed party to seek a bark she once gave to Lady Willard’s father in return for his service. The bark belonged to a tree that existed before all life on the world, i.o.w. from a previous time.

Upon arrival back at Port Royal, the party found the bark in Lady Willard’s possession. Her mother had made it into a journal, in which she took extensive notes in a language none could read. Party’s contact and ally in town, Talenu, recognized the writing enough to decipher that it is about a lost treasure of legendary size once belonged to Marco Polo and got lost in transit from China. However, the details were buried in the complicated text and only person who could read such text is now held prisoner by Knights of Malta in Fort St. Gibelline in La Cinco Muertes, some 100 miles east of Island of St. Benedict.

After a daring prison break that almost went according to the plan, except for a giant explosion and significant canon fire, the party escaped the clutches of Knights of Malta and killed their furious leader M. Montnoir, and set sail back to Port Royal.

Here There Be Monsters. Following undecipherable entries in a logbook and cryptic maps, Party takes on the ocean and faces her mysteries.

The Hidden Island. Party finds an Island that seems hidden away and they find out why.



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