A D&D Campaign in the Golden Age of Piracy

Tumult & Tides (T&T) is a campaign set in Caribbeans circa 1700. It is filled with naval heroes and their deeds, no matter how deviant, or how deeply buried in ancient beliefs and dark magic. It is a world manifesting Caribbeans’ beliefs and fantasies of valiant warriors and influential priests, savage beasts and resourceful adventurers, ancient lore and lost civilizations, of dangers that prowl and horrors that ascend upon civilization from the depths of the sea or hell while the true redemption lies behind the gates of heaven. It’s a world full of mystery, intrigue, diplomacy, dark-dealings and conspiracy. It is a world of conflict between different peoples following either God or gold, and seldom both.

In this setting, many stories wait to be told, many mysteries to be uncovered. The rate-limiting factor in overcoming these obstacles is the short life span afforded to human. Life is beset by many adversaries. Despite such mishaps, heroes emerge and leave behind a legacy of tales.

This is a world where the Christian and Islamic Messiahs each drove much evil from the known world by closing and sealing the extra-dimensional portals shunning creatures, that men called demons and devils, from entering into the world. Thus, Magic and all ancient knowledge is pushed to far edges of this world, to corners that remain raw and untouched by monotheistic and axial religions. In places such as Caribbeans, one can still find traces of mysterious powers of ancient world alive.
This campaign heavily relies on the great work by Tim Powers, author of On Stranger Tides and follows the adventure path The Savage Tide published in Dungeon Magazine during 2006-07.

Tumult in Tide

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